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About Us

Paper cut out familyDr. Dustin McIver grew up in eastern Michigan and fell in love with the western parts of our state while attending Grand Valley State University. After he graduated from Life University in Georgia, he knew that Creston was exactly where he wanted to open Northside Chiropractic and raise his family together with his wife, Shauna.

We’re here to support the well-being of area families with an emphasis on caring for pregnant moms, babies and children.

Why Focus on Children?

The nervous system is the control center for every other function in the body. Any dysfunction present results in pain, illness or something that just isn’t working correctly. Surprisingly, these interferences can begin as early as when you were in the womb. They also have a snowball effect and can manifest with conditions like colic, then ear infections followed by behavioral and concentration issues.

Kids, unlike adults, can’t tell us what’s wrong or describe exactly what they feel. We use specific technology to locate areas of imbalance in the nervous system, removing the guesswork and knowing precisely what we need to do to help them. By addressing problems early in life, your child can avoid common issues while young and into adulthood.

Could You Be Our Next Success Story?

Dr. McIver has been privileged to serve numerous individuals who saw incredible success with chiropractic care. One woman came in with neck pain but had been trying to get pregnant for five years. After three months, she announced she was expecting and knew that chiropractic care was the facilitator.

Another young woman had gastroparesis and had been getting stomach injections and other forms of intervention. Chiropractic care was able to help her get healthy again.


There are so many different concerns that can respond to what we do, and we can help your entire family stay well in the future. Contact our chiropractic care center today to arrange an appointment!

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