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Northside Chiropractic Reviews Continued

No more migraines

I have been seeing Dr. McIver for almost a year. I had started experiencing very bad Migraines and tension in my right shoulder and neck. I work at a desk all day staring at a computer. Numerous visits to the doctor for one pill after another with no cure for the Migraines, it was just making them tolerable and masking the underlying issue.

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When Dr. McIver first put my atlas / axis bone back in place it was like the weight of the world had been lifted off my head. Since this day I have not experienced ONE Migraine.

Since continuing on my treatment plan with Dr. McIver I have been noticing my eyes were tired at the end of the day and I was squinting a lot. I scheduled my yearly exam and not only did my vision improve but the hole in my right eye that we have been monitoring for years was gone. The Eye Dr. said it healed itself.

 Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care has defiantly improved my overall health and I hope you find the same results as I have.”

– Nicole K.

Pain relief and focus

I am 15 years old and I have been coming to see Dr. McIver for 3 months now. I had neck and back pain for playing football and baseball for many years. The pain isn’t as bad now. I also had a hard time sleeping. I can sleep through the night now since having adjustments. I also struggled in school, I have a hard time concentrating. I am doing better in my classes now and understanding my teachers better.

I also was lactose intolerant. I can eat a piece of pizza now, have ice cream and eat cheese without having a major stomach ache. 

Thank you Dr. McIver!”

– Ethan E.

Instant results

My husband made my appointment to see Dr. McIver after I had been having chronic breakouts with hives for months. I had first thought I had some sort of allergy and tried to cut out the things I thought was causing it, but nothing changed. Out of nowhere I would just break out, it was annoying and painful.

I have been seeing Dr. McIver for about 3 months and noticed instant results. He takes his time to explain what is going on with your first initial appointment and how he can help you. I have to say Dr. McIver has made me feel much better.”

– Jill C.

No more neck pain

Since I started seeing Dr. McIver, I have felt so much better. I do not have pain in shoulders and neck anymore. I have had a wonderful experience!”

– Roxanne S.

Regained confidence

I had suffered from some lower back and hip pain for several years prior to my scheduled appointments with Dr. McIver. After a few weeks, most of those pains went away and it’s been much better ever since.

But that’s not the best part of my story. When I was much younger, heights didn’t bother me that much. The older I got, the more fearful I became. I have become less and less confident in my balancing abilities.

 Again, a few weeks after I started visiting McIver Chiropractic I noticed I had regained a lot of my confidence with regards to heights. Dr. McIver explained that a lot of what he does is directly related to our bodies’ natural way of maintaining balance from head to toe. Please ask him to explain this. It sounds much better coming from such a professional and knowledgeable doctor.

Thank you McIver Chiropractic!!

– Tim L.

Feel so much better

Dr. Dustin is great!!! I have been seeing a Chiropractor for 15 years! I have seen doctor twice and feel so much better!!! Its nice to have a different approach chiropractic care, doctor looks at whole body care!!

– Mitch G.



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