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Northside Chiropractic Reviews

heart comment bubbleNorthside Chiropractic is proud to serve our community with natural health care to enhance the lives of all members of your family. We are honored to have made an impact on the health of so many of our community members.

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Thank you, Dr. McIver!

I have been seeing Dr. McIver for a little over 3 months. For a long time, I had pain in my hips. I wasn’t able to walk down stairways without walking sideways. I also had a difficult time getting onto my tractor. I can now walk normally down and up stairways. I can also get on my tractor with less pain.

 My posture is also getting better. I am walking more upright.

After the first adjustment I was sleeping through the night, before I would wake up several times because I couldn’t get comfortable.

Thank you, Dr. McIver!

– Terry Y.

Freedom from migraines

I have suffered with migraines most of my life. Two years ago my migraines became more frequent and more painful. One month of being treated by Dr. McIver I am now free of migraines. 15 months now with no migraines! I used to get them 4 to 6 times a week. It’s amazing! Thank you Dr. McIver for giving me back my health.

– Pam K.


“Oh my word! So… I just left your office just a few minutes ago and to be honest I did not expect to notice much of anything this first time. Well… while sitting at my desk I realized my ROM is back! I have had a hard time turning my head from right to left and was limited for years, at least 4, and now I can do it with ease. Wow!!!”

– Nicole S.

Completely pain free

“On 11-13-2012 I had 5 vertebra fused together. Since then I have had constant pain in my lower back and shoulder blades. I have been going to Dr. McIver for one month, since then I’ve felt the best since my surgery. I’ve been completely pain free thanks to Dr. McIver.”

– David S.

Amazing results

I would like everyone to know how thankful I am to Dr. McIver for making me feel “young” again, and I cannot recommend him enough. 
I was initially inspired by a friend’s success with her allergies. Knowing how bad they were before she started seeing Dr. McIver and then seeing the results she has received are amazing.

I started my treatment with Dr. McIver 2 months ago for ongoing hip pain, lower back pain and occasional migraine headaches. I appreciate his knowledge and love for upper cervical care and it shows because of how much time he takes with you to explain everything in detail so you understand everything he is doing. Since starting treatment I have experienced immediate ongoing relief, I have increased energy, and I sleep much better.

My body feels SO much better!!

– Angela P.

Overwhelmed with relief

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for McIver Chiropractic Center. I have suffered with chronic neck pain and headaches for more than 25 years. After my first adjustment, I no longer have a knot at the base of my skull; I am pain free in the neck area and no headaches either.
It is not that I was skeptical that the treatment would ease my pain, I had no idea how dramatically different I would feel. In less than 24 hours, I am overwhelmed with relief and gratitude.”

– Michelle B.


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