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Chiropractor in Creston

We’re passionate about helping area families stay well and get more out of life. Dr. Dustin McIver emphasizes the importance of care for moms-to-be, babies and children, ensuring your little ones start off with the best of health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!


Welcome to Northside Chiropractic

Healthy Kids, Healthy Families at Northside Chiropractic

At Northside Chiropractic, our mission is to educate and empower people with the tools and resources necessary for raising healthier kids and healthier families. Creston Chiropractor Dr. Dustin McIver is a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor who is dedicated to helping you return to doing the things you love.

Experience a 100% Restoration of Your Function

We work to re-establish your body’s optimal function so that you can participate in the activities that you enjoy most. Dr. McIver has a particular focus on helping expecting moms, babies and children. He knows that making a positive impact early in life will set your youngsters up for a healthier path. He’s also certified in the Webster Technique for moms-to-be.

When your child receives chiropractic care, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything you can to start them off on the right track in life. Often, problems that adults have can be traced as far back as childhood or even birth. When your child is under care, they unleash their full capacity for health and can avoid common issues later in life.